For Drivers


For Drivers

Supporting every driver, Every mile, Every day.

It's not the innovative equipment or the best freight that makes us a career destination. It's our dedication to acknowledging our drivers for being the professionals we know they are. We have a proud culture of supporting every driver, every mile, every day. 

Which type of driver are you?

Home Time

As rewarding as life on the road may be, we understand the importance of home. At RGTC Trucking™ CANADA, it is all about balancing the life equation. This means getting you home for your well deserved home time is a priority.


We have intimate relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers. RGTC Trucking™ CANADA uses late model Freightliner and Volvo tractors—92% of which are less than five years old.


Each RGTC Trucking™ CANADA truck features Qualcomm on-board computers. They provide wireless communications that help improve driver and dispatcher productivity, reduce fuel consumption and improve customer service.