Begin Your Career as a RGTC Trucking™ CANADA Technician


Build your skills as a RGTC Trucking™ CANADA Technician

RGTC Trucking™ CANADA maintains one of the largest fleets of tractors and trailers in the country. We pride ourselves in providing Best in Class transportation solutions and fostering a profitable, disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.

As a RGTC Trucking™ CANADA technician, you will be working on late model trucks and top-of-the line equipment. You’ll constantly build your skills through working on a diverse fleet of equipment, comprised of tractors and trailers from virtually all of the major equipment manufacturers. You’ll get a true taste of everything, building the breadth of your experience.

Due to the size of our fleet, you can count on always being busy. In fact, many of the shop locations are staffed with second and third shift personnel, providing equipment support into the evenings. And because of our size, we have the luxury of dealing directly with the manufacturers when we need their assistance. Corporate positions are also available as well as promotional opportunities in the shop department, warranty and on-road (breakdown). Or work your way up to become a Service Leader!

RGTC Trucking™ CANADA has a wonderful technician development plan.

At RGTC Trucking™ CANADA, our technicians enjoy year-round consistent work and pay. They get to enjoy amazing promotional packages, even when starting out. We provide opportunities for you to grow and develop. We have a 5-tiered system that promotes upward mobility so your hard work and experience are reflected in your pay.

Our technicians are classified into one of 5 tiers:

Junior level technicians are classified as 1M, slightly more experienced technicians are 2M, and so on. Senior technicians are 5M.

You control your ability to increase your pay.

Applicants will be evaluated at hire, based on skill and ability. As you learn more, you can take a knowledge and skill assessment - what RGTC Trucking™ CANADA refers to as a Promotional Exam. Once the exam is passed, you’re eligible for what could be a several dollar per hour increase. You can be promoted as fast as you build your skills and knowledge.

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Mike Schramm (EST) 717-861-7007

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