RGTC Trucking™ CANADA has the ability to lease virtually any asset that your business may be looking to acquire. If it generates revenue we will lease it!

This allows you to lease the equipment you need without taking precious capital from your business or tying up valuable short term lines with your bank which would reduce your capital base. Equipment can be leased with little or no upfront capital and rental/lease payments matched to expected machine revenues/cash flow, thus allowing you to stay on the forefront of your industry.


We can finance a wide range of equipment and machinery. Basically, if it generates revenue for your business, then we can lease it! Anything from:

  • Trucks and Trailers—dump trucks, long haul trucks and livestock trailers, gravel trailer, dump trailers
  • Construction Equipment—compactors, cranes, hoists and lifts, excavators, skid steers, loaders, backhoes, boom truck
  • Waste Recycling Equipment—septic trucks, garbage trucks, grinders
  • Towing Equipment-tow trucks, wreckers, flatbed, NRC
  • Agricultural Equipment—balers, plows and seeding equipment
  • Automotive Shop Equipment—alignment equipment, lifts and hoists or diagnostics
  • Computer and Networking Equipment—desktop computers, printers and scanners
  • Medical Equipment—blood analyzers, lab testing equipment to ultrasound equipmente
  • Golf Course and Turf Equipment—tractors, utility vehicles and golf carts
  • Material Handling Equipment—all terrain forklifts, pallet jacks and ramps
  • Printing Equipment——digital copiers, to industrial or laser printers



What Is It?

You can lease your equipment for a specific term at specific payments with a determined end value where you intend to acquire the asset for the residual amount.

Is It For You?

The equipment you need to successfully run your business may be very expensive. Leasing is a cost effective way to deliver a high quality service to your clients without having to invest your own capital into the machinery.


What Is It?

A sale leaseback is utilized when you have equity in your equipment but you are short on long term capital. We will arrange to purchase your equipment from you and lease it back to you over a specific timeframe at predetermined payments. This is very effective when you do not have a proper line of credit with your bank for short term working capital purposes.

Is It For You?

If you need working capital…you bet


What Is It?

A residual lease is an agreement where we have worked out with you a payment that better matches the revenue stream that the machine will generate and have put a residual at the end of the lease that is close to the wholesale value at that time. This is very popular when a client is more interested in trading up to a new piece of equipment at the time the residual comes due and we will work with them to do so. The residual can also simply be rewritten on a new lease. Many of our leases do require custom tailored payment programs to match the revenue expectations of the machine and we are one of the few leasing companies who understand this process.

Is It For You?

A residual lease lets you conserve your cash flow, manage your budget better and deduct the applicable taxes, as well. If you think this option would help your business, apply now!

Our leases generally range from 24 to 84 month terms.

Is It For You?

  • Construction
  • Waste Recycling
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Forestry
  • Manufacturing
  • Towing
  • Computers and Tech/Software
  • Industrial
  • Passenger vehicle

Contact us today if your business operates in one of these industries!