Oil Tank Truck

Overweight Loads and Unique Trailer Configurations

Oil Tank Truck

Fueled by overwelming customer demand, RGTC Trucking™ CANADA continues to expand service-intensive Oil Tank Truck operations in the Pacific Northwest.

A tribute to our “personal commitment to always deliver," RGTC Trucking™ CANADA Transportation now operates more than 550 Oil Tank Truck units in the Northwest and Canada. Originally, established to meet the needs of one of RGTC Trucking™ CANADA’s premier retail customers, the Oil Tank Truck Division has evolved into one of the most effective solutions for the many weight sensitive shippers in the region. Comprised of a variety of unique trailer configurations, RGTC Trucking™ CANADA professionals are constantly engineering new solutions for our customers’ supply-chain requirements. RGTC Trucking™ CANADA is rapidly becoming the preeminent transportation provider for manufacturers of many commodities, including paper products and beverages.


  • 24’ and 40’ Doubles Trailer (Roll Door)
  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 62,000 lbs. and 5095 cube
  • 53’ Quad-Axle Dry Vans
  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 62,000 lbs.
  • 53’ Tri-Axle Reefers
  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 52,000 lbs. and 4250 cube

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